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    hieee all,<BR><BR>Can any one tell me about this problem :<BR><BR>i have a page where i allwo users to send email through web page.<BR>using CDONTS.<BR><BR>Now in this i m allwoing them to select file from there local hard disk for attachments (AS THERE IS FEATURE "Attachfile" in CDONTS)<BR><BR>However it shows unspecified error.. I went through 4guysfromrolla.. there they said that it occurs when the wrong path is given.. <BR><BR>Well when i give the server path eg:- \ send the file..<BR><BR>However i dont want this.. i want physical path which client select from his hard disk..<BR><BR>please help in this..<BR>thanks in advance.

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    Default Don't think you can do that...

    I might be wrong but I don&#039;t think CDONTS will be able to attach a file from the clients machine.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll have to upload the file first and then attach it when it is on the server. Use a component like ASPUpload or theres a couple of component-less examples about, theres some good examples in the FAQ&#039;s under Uploading I think.<BR><BR>Just remeber to delete the file from your server once you&#039;ve sent it.<BR><BR>Matt

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    Asp is a server side technology so that ain&#039;t gonna work. Try using the HTML element &#060;input type = file&#062;<BR>Good luck!

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