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    i need to populate a recordset object from a stored procedure. If i use a command object or a recordset object to execute a stored procedure and populate the same recordset with the results, it gets populated but it doesn&#039t allow me to move back and forth and it also doesn&#039t allow me to use absolutepage and pagesize help me out from this problem.<BR><BR>set rs = command.execute("sp_Query")<BR>rs.pagesize = 5<BR>rs.absolutepage = 1(Here the error says provider doesn&#039t support this operation)<BR><BR>same if i use "sp_query"

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    What you probably need to do is create the recordset and set it&#039s cursor and locktype options before populating it. The default cursor is adOpenForwardOnly, which doesn&#039t allow the operations you want - try adOpenStatic instead.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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