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    Akram Guest

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    Hi everybody,<BR><BR>Infrastructure : Windows NT 4,Option Pack 4 (IIS4 and MTS 2),SQL 6.5<BR><BR>A stored procedure has been created in the database, with <BR>various IF conditions and select statements within IF blocks.<BR>To start with, i&#039m calling an MTS component from the ASP file. Within the MTS Component, i&#039m invoking a Stored procedure (using normal recordset object)<BR>eg.<BR><BR>str = "exec sp_pmload" & "P", "," & "R"<BR>rs1.Open str,conn,1,3<BR><BR>Whenever I try to execute the component, it displays the following error in my page..<BR><BR>"Cannot open a cursor on a stored procedure that has anything other than a single select statement in it"<BR><BR>Has anyone come across this error?? <BR><BR>Tx in advance<BR><BR>Akram<BR>

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    Ed Guest

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    Try doing it without the exec. Also, you need a space after sp_pmload.<BR><BR>str = "sp_pmlod " & "P"

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