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Thread: Session ID in multiple windows?

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    Default Session ID in multiple windows?

    When you start up IE, this of course starts a new session ID. If you then click on a link which via javascript opens another browser window (like a popup), is that 2nd window going to get a separate session ID or is it considered to still be part of the original session? <BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>elaine pack<BR><BR>

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    From the masters (Bill Wilkinson) mouth...<BR><BR>*****<BR>Session (and Application) variables only "live" in *ONE* application (also known as a "virtual directory"). If you cross virtual directory bounds, they won&#039;t be valid in the other one. <BR><BR>If you don&#039;t know what a virtual directory is, yet, then don&#039;t worry about this: You&#039;ll almost surely *not* be crossing any bounds. <BR>*****<BR><BR>So as long as you are in the same virtual directory/Application/Folder, yes session is maintained

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