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    Hi,<BR>DateDiff("d", Date, "01/01/1999") returns -36549 !!!<BR>where Date is "01/24/2000"..I need to compare two dates of format &#039MM/DD/YYYY&#039..Can somebody help..<BR>TIA,<BR>Subbu<BR>

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    Try renameing your "Date" variable to something like "strDate" or "TestDate".<BR>Keep in mind that "Date()" is a function that returns the present date.

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    I don&#039t know that this helps, but I have been trying to get the same thing to happen on my server, and have not been succesful.<BR><BR>We are running NT4, with SP5.<BR><BR>Don&#039t know if this was fixed as part of SP5 or not.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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