Browser Cache keeps Messing up my variables!!!HELP

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Thread: Browser Cache keeps Messing up my variables!!!HELP

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    Default Browser Cache keeps Messing up my variables!!!HELP

    hello<BR><BR>im trying to alter the values of session variables using a get-from URL (creating links that end with a ?variable=XX ) but even if i erase the session variables and click the link with some value i get the state of the session variables that i had when i first used that link....<BR><BR>did you understand anything??? :(<BR><BR>anyway here is the code, imagine that i have 20 links that link to the same page with a unique variable value at the end.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> st=request.querystring("seat")<BR> if st&#060;&#062;session("first") and st&#060;&#062;session("second") and st&#060;&#062;session("third") and st&#060;&#062;session("fourth") and st&#060;&#062;session("fifth") and st&#060;&#062;session("first") then<BR> if st&#062;0 and st&#060;200 then<BR> if session("pos")&#062;5 then<BR> session("pos")=1 <BR> else<BR> session("pos")=session("pos")+1<BR> end if<BR> else<BR> session("first")=0<BR> session("second")=0<BR> session("third")=0<BR> session("fourth")=0<BR> session("fifth")=0<BR> session("sixth")=0<BR> end if<BR> <BR> select case session("pos")<BR> case 1 session("first") = st<BR> case 2 session("second") =st<BR> case 3 session("third") = st<BR> case 4 session("fourth") = st<BR> case 5 session("fifth") = st<BR> case 6 session("sixth") = st<BR> end select<BR> else<BR> if st=session("first") then<BR> session("first")=0<BR> end if<BR> if st=session("second") then<BR> session("second")=0<BR> end if<BR> if st=session("third") then<BR> session("third")=0<BR> end if<BR> if st=session("fourt") then<BR> session("fourth")=0<BR> end if<BR> if st=session("fifth") then<BR> session("fifth")=0<BR> end if<BR> if st=session("sixth") then<BR> session("sixth")=0<BR> end if<BR> <BR> end if <BR> response.write("1st:"&session("first")&"<BR>")<BR> response.write("2nd:"&session("second")&"<BR>")<BR > response.write("3rd:"&session("third")&"<BR>")<BR> response.write("4th:"&session("fourth")&"<BR>")<BR > response.write("5th:"&session("fifth")&"<BR>")<BR> response.write("6th:"&session("sixth")&"<BR>")<BR>

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    Default RE: Browser Cache keeps Messing up my variables!!!

    What are all the Sessions for?<BR><BR>What is Session("pos") postion or positive?<BR><BR>Are you looping up to 5 then back to 1?<BR><BR>Just trying to get a better understanding of what&#039;s going on.

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