I have multiple arrays from recordset.getrows() that I am putting into a single dimesioned array. I am doing this in a for loop. Here is what it looks like: Execute query returns an array not a recordset.<BR><BR>dim arrImage()<BR>redim arrImage(CInt(dictCart.count))<BR><BR>Set objCnn=MakeConnection() <BR>iCount=0 <BR>For Each Key in dictCart <BR> arrImage(iCount)=ExecuteQuery(objCnn, "spGetPaths", CLng(Key), "lngAID") <BR> iCount=iCount+1 <BR>Next <BR><BR>CloseConnection(objCnn) <BR><BR>&#039;----------------------------------------------&#039; <BR>dim strPath <BR><BR>For S = 0 to iCount <BR> arrPaths=arrImage(S) <BR> iRecFirst = LBound(arrPaths, 2) &#039;***crashed here*****<BR> iRecLast = UBound(arrPaths, 2) <BR> iFieldFirst = LBound(arrPaths, 1) <BR> iFieldLast = UBound(arrPaths, 1) <BR><BR> strPath = CStr(arrPaths(iFieldFirst,iRecFirst)) <BR> For y = iRecFirst to iRecLast <BR> For x = 1 to iFieldLast <BR> strPath = strPath + arrPaths(x,y) +";" <BR> Next &#039;x&#039; <BR> Next&#039;y&#039; <BR>Next &#039;S&#039; <BR><BR>Its crashing at the LBound/UBound statements (type mismatch LBound). I&#039;ve checked to ensure that the queries are actually returning something. Any suggestions?