Hey Bill! u plz tell me about FTP

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Thread: Hey Bill! u plz tell me about FTP

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    Default Hey Bill! u plz tell me about FTP

    I am interested in making my FTP service online,<BR>I mean through ASP pages logging in, uploading and downloading files etc etc. This will be a complete web hosted solution (Not on my own IIS)<BR><BR>Is it possible in ASP,<BR>If yes, Where must I go to get the basic info. I have already searched 4guys...

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    Default Not me!

    And if this is a HOSTED situation, then you have to check with your host, anyway! If the host doesn&#039;t "turn on" the FTP for you, you won&#039;t have it. <BR><BR>Anyway, I know only enough about FTP to know that I like CuteFTP.<BR><BR>

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    Default Sounds like you need an upload component.

    The host I use provides asp upload. http://www.infoquest.com . I don&#039;t know if you meant ftp particularly or if you just want to be able to upload files through ASP. Here&#039;s the link to asp upload:<BR><BR>http://www.aspupload.com<BR><BR>

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