ROOKIES back with some simple Date?

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Thread: ROOKIES back with some simple Date?

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    I want to figure out how many days are in the current month<BR>how many are left in the current month <BR>and how many days are left in the year. Can I write the code once, include it in a file "somewhere" and refer to it throughout the application?<BR>this is what I think?<BR> Dim strDaysMonth=("DaysMonth")<BR> Dim strDaysMonthRemain=("DaysMonthRemian")<BR> Dim strDaysYearRemain=("DaysYearRemain")<BR>I hope I can place these in a file on the server and refer to <BR>the "result" in several ASP pages. <BR>Help on the "code" would be great.<BR>Thanks<BR>David<BR><BR>

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    David,<BR><BR>Take a look at this page:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It shows you the logic behind munging date values.<BR><BR>For example it will show you how to get:<BR><BR> dayNumberOfCurrentMonth<BR> daysInMonth<BR><BR>So...<BR> daysInMonth - dayNumberOfCurrentMonth<BR><BR>Will give you daysRemainingInMonth.<BR><BR>Use the same logic to acquire the daysRemainingInYear value

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