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    What is a Fixed-Length ASCII file?<BR>I know what ascii is.<BR>Is a fixed-length just have a certin length to the rows?<BR>Can I make one using notepad or other editor and how?<BR>How can I make one in ASP?<BR>Can I use the File System Object?<BR>Thanks for the help<BR><BR>P.S. It&#039;s Friday!!!

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    It means that each record in the test file is the same length. Many of these files also have data in fixed positions in the file.<BR><BR>Yes, you can create them notepade. But, make sure you use a "true" font such as Lucida Console or System. Otherwise, the positions you think you put them in won&#039;t be represented in notepad correctly.<BR><BR>This may be helpful to you...<BR><BR>

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