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    I have a table in my ACCESS database which stores coursework marks and exam results which will probably at the least contain 10-12 fields. The current system of storing this data is in excel spreadsheets and i understand that the data can be converted over to an ACCESS table. My actual question is that if i will have problems (i.e. many ASP files to write) of having to UPDATE the data in my table using HTML FORMS to send the data across considering there are many fields that may possibly need altering. Otherwise is there a way to convert data held in a table back into a spreadsheet through ASP or will the user require direct access to the database to UPDATE the system?

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    Do you realize how hard that is to read as all one paragraph?!<BR><BR>To answer what I think you are asking. Your best bet is to build ASP forms to manage the data.<BR><BR>-Doug

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