I have a page that has three divs (with tables in them): a header div across the top, a navigation div on the left and a main div on the right (I set it up this way, instead of in frames, because I have a pop-out menu what won&#039;t work across frames, but will work with tables/divs).<BR><BR>The divs are positioned using a stylesheet and classes. The header div is positioned absolutely at 0,0; the others are positioned relatively.<BR><BR>My problem is that, every once in a while, the header div will not appear when the page is called up. Refreshing the page (sometimes multiple times) seems to work eventually. The weird thing about this behavoir is that it doesn&#039;t happen on every visit to the page, just every 6-8 visits on so.<BR><BR>I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 -- as are almost all of the users (the page is on a company intranet). I&#039;ve checked the browser settings and it&#039;s set to check for new pages every visit to the page.<BR><BR>What else could be causing this? Is there something I can put in the stylesheet or on the page to keep this from happening?