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    I have a table that has a great deal of information stored in it. To cut down on the time it takes to run through the fields I&#039;ve created seperate tables for all the info that could be used in a dropdown on the web. So I replaced all the fields on the main table with IDs to reference the Dropdown Tables. So instead of having the text strings in the main table it has a number that references it&#039;s own table that stores the text string. My question is this:<BR><BR>1<BR>How do I go about having my main table take it&#039;s value for the reference field and have it display the actual value from the other table.<BR><BR>2<BR>I have a page that lists the contents of the main table but the values appear as the reference IDs, how do I get the text string from the other table?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Research JOINs.

    If you have MS Access installed, it&#039;s a great reference for the SQL language.<BR><BR>If you have SQL Server installed, refer to the Books Online.<BR><BR>-Doug

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