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Thread: Who only gets text email?

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    Default Who only gets text email?

    I am using ASPemail to send both an HTML and a text email.<BR><BR>Do lots of people still get text only email? <BR><BR>Also, is there a way I can see what they get?

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    Default Yes. No.

    Yes, people still get text-only e-mail. I prefer getting mass mailings that way.<BR><BR>All messages I send out are text-only e-mails.<BR><BR>No, you can&#039;t see what they get. But, you can have your e-mail tell you. Link an image to an ASP page on your server and pass it a unique ID. If that page is requested, with the unique ID - you know they opened the HTML version.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default A lot and Joe@aol.com

    Many, many have HTML disabled, thanks to dickheads who write code into them that take you to porn sites/attempt activex control downloads. Not all users are smart, y&#039;know.<BR><BR>Plus, be forewarned: Due to AOL&#039;s MIME crap, HTML email is sometimes a bear to get to them... if you do do it, make sure you test AOL quite heavily.<BR><BR>Our solution? PDF.

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