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    Halo,<BR><BR>I have problem converting, for example 3/3/99 into a form that can be written into the database. I have tried CDATE but it seems to be of no use.<BR><BR>Please enlighten and thank you

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    Hi I have not tried the date formate u want to save in data base , but sucessfully retrived the data between two dates by using following Queiry<BR><BR><BR><BR>SQL= "Select * from Request where between #" & per & "# AND #" & dat &"# " <BR><BR><BR>Where request is table name, per is variable containing begnning date and dat , ending date .<BR>Try this<BR>

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    1. try convering date using vbscript function<BR> FormatDateTime(date,vbGeneralDate)<BR><BR>2. or write proper SQL to save into the database..<BR>e.g. <BR> "insert into tablename values(To_Date(&#039" & Format(dtStartDate, "DD-MMM-YYYY") & "&#039, &#039DD-MON-YYYY&#039))"<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Sonali B.

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