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    Hi<BR><BR>Is there any way to allow a user to download some file (for example .mdb) from the asp page.<BR>Till now I am doing this job as follow,<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "emp.mdb"<BR><BR>When this statement executes, the browser will ask the user to select the option from <BR> from current location and <BR>2.Download to desktop.<BR>In this way I was allowing the user to download .mdb files. I would like to know is there any other better way without third party tools.<BR><BR>Please help me in this problem.<BR><BR>with thanks<BR>Shrikantha.

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    Default No....

    Unless we&#039;re talking about an intranet system, in which case you could possibly create an ActiveX component which actually did the download for you.<BR><BR>Craig.

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