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    How to change from database to another in Oracle?How to change the Oracle_SID? <BR>From where can u know the SID of a database?

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    Default I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to d

    However, if you simply want to access another Oracle database from your client machine, then you need to make sure the Oracle client which is commonly referred to as SQL Net(or Net 8 in Oracle version 8 or higher) is configured for your new Oracle instance.<BR><BR>If you are using a Windows based client, you can use the Oracle SQL*Net(or Net 8) Easy Config tool to do this. You need to know your Oracle db server ip address, port number(usually 1521), and the new Oracle Instance Name(i.e. - SID). Then you can also test the connection using your Oracle db id/password at the end.<BR><BR>Now if you have no idea what about what I am talking about, I strongly suggest you talk with your DBA or tech support area. <BR><BR>Now if you are talking about something different, then please explain better.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>Pete

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