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Thread: session always expired despite of cookie enabled

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    Default session always expired despite of cookie enabled

    I have an ASP application in which some session variables keep user&#039;s parameters. If some of them are empty a user will be transferred to login page.<BR>The problem happens from time to time with users who browse using IE. They cannot login to the site, always being redirected to the login page. In logs I see they&#039;ve past Gate page which sets session variables, but the session variables are empty. It looks like they have cookie disabled, but those users claim they HAVE cookie enabled and follow all the recommendations ( make sure they have cookie enabled) but when I recorded sessionID they have different IDs every time they try to login. The session really has expired or just not present at all! I&#039;m positive there is a problem or a bug in IE connected with per-session cookies but it hard to track because of irregular nature. <BR>That problem drives me crazy because I cannot suggest pure decision how the users can fix the problem. Some of them can fix it by setting Security level first to High and then back to Medium, but some cannot...<BR>Is there someone who faced that problem?<BR>

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    Default That is annoying

    I have come across this problem myself. The problem was that the corporate server used a firewall where cokies were disabled. After changing that everything worked fine. So basically the people who are trying to login to your pages accessing your pages through such firewall.<BR><BR>I hope that helped.

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