Here is my problem I am a junior SQL Developer (I&#039;m new)<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to take my values in my Holding table and update the values into the respective tables in another database using triggers. My holding table schema looks like this.<BR><BR>HoldingTable:<BR>ID &#124 Fldname &#124 NewValue &#124 DBName &#124TableName<BR>1 Fname User1 db Name <BR>1 Lname Lastuser1 db Name<BR>2 Fname User2 db Name_Alt<BR>2 Lname Lastuser2 db Name_Last<BR>(This does not truly depict my actual naming convention)<BR><BR>I need to be able to update the fields that is under the "Fldname" field and update the referencing table with the new value. Is there a way to update the fields to the referencing field even when the actual field name exists as a record in the holding table? Also, how can I make sure that when the trigger is executed that it does not execute and refresh the data for every EmpID I have in the referencing tables(Help) each time. I just need for it to some how check the values before updating in the referenced tables and only update the records that need to be updated...<BR><BR>Please advise....<BR><BR>Appreciate any help.<BR><BR>2<BR>2<BR>