I have a calendar application ("calendar.asp") that generates a real-time month-to-month calendar in an ASP page. This file is just native VBScript that creates its own calendar formatting inside of a table within this script.<BR><BR>My question is: how can I pull in, incorporate, or reference this ASP file inside of an XSL document that provides a web page structure? I&#039;m using an XML file to contain some simple text and graphical content that is associated with the XSL (except for anything to do with the calendar "look and feel" because that&#039;s taken care of inside the calendar.asp file). The XSL file is simply pulling in the XML content and laying it out.<BR><BR>But inside of this XSL file -- before I perform a client-side transform of both the XML/XSL files in the browser -- I would like to somehow reference the calendar.asp file. Then, after the transform is performed, I would like to see a page in the browser that displays the month-to-month calendar (one-month view) from calendar.asp.<BR><BR>How do I do that? Is this something that&#039;s possible?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried working with CDATA sections, &#060;xsl:include /&#062; and &#060;xsl:script /&#062; tags, but I haven&#039;t had any success to get this combo (XML,XSL,ASP) to work.<BR><BR>Thanks, in advance.