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    Default image file header layout

    I'm trying out the script that 4guys created to check images for their file type, width, height, color depth, etc. It looks like a great script. How did 4guys figure out which bytes an image file header stores attributes such as width and height. I've been trying to find this information on the web and I've been unsuccesful so far. I might add .swf (flash) files to the script 4guys wrote but I'm not sure where to find the information on the file header layout. Did 4guys look at the header and use trial & error to figure out what part of the header has the info you need or is there a resource that lists the header layout for graphic files?

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    Default Try a hex editor...

    I personally don&#039;t know how they did it, but I believe a hex editor should allow you to see more information about the file.<BR><BR>-Doug

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