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    Hmm!<BR><BR>You may fetch for instance an Integer by specifying the column number like this:<BR><BR>myDataReader.GetInt32(2)<BR><BR>.. but you cant fetch the Integer by specifying the column name:<BR><BR>myDataReader.GetInt32("col_name")<BR> <BR>What&#039;s up with this?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default That's how it works.

    The parameter that that method accepts is the the ordinal of the column, which, of course, comes in Int form. It won&#039;t accept a string representing the column name. Or any string, for that matter.

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    You can use the GetOrdinal method to get around this. It would look something like this:<BR><BR>myDataReader.GetInt32( myDataReader.GetOrdinal("col_name") )<BR>

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