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    using a .asp file (register.asp) I want the input.asp file to compare the password and verify password from register.asp. If the passwords are the same, dump in database, if not, redirect back to register.asp with a new field on register.asp saying ! passwords don&#039t match, please re-enter, blah, blah, blah. Everything works except getting the message to appear. How do you have one .asp page declare to another .asp page a varible that if your being redirected back to this page, post "passwords don&#039t match... if your not being redirected don&#039t post message.

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    Sonali B. Guest

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    HEllo !!<BR><BR>write following code in INPUT.ASP (before HTML tag starts)<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>if not request.form("txtPAssword)=rstUser.fields("passwor d") then<BR><BR> Response.Redirect("Login.asp?Login=false")<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Write following part inside body tag of the REGISTER.ASP<BR><BR>&#060;% if Request.QueryString("Login") ="false" then %&#062;<BR> &#060;h3&#062;Login Failed&#060;/h3&#062;<BR>&#060;% end if %&#062;<BR><BR>Here if password is invalid, pass LOGIN=somevalue which is received as querystring ij login page.<BR>access that value and show blah blah message..........<BR><BR>Good Luck !!<BR><BR>Sonali B.

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    Default RE: password verification (worked great, thanks So


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