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    here is my scenario...<BR><BR>i have a form that will update the news section in my website (content manager thing), my problem is the formatting gets screwed once the user enters any html tags, as of now the only thing you could enter is text and would just work fine. there will be instances wherein html tags needs to be entered because the news article sometimes needs to display a table with columns and rows. i dunno how will i make it that once you submit your form your html tag that you entered on your form will be interpreted and be displayed properly on the page, coz right now if you enter html it will still show the tables but i get spacing errors what i mean by this is after i enter the first table the next table/paragraph will be all the way down on the page and that screws up everything, thanks for any help.<BR>

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    I&#039;ve written something similar to what you&#039;re working on and never saw any of those issues. I can put html in the forms and not see anything strange. Can you paste the bad html or provide a link to it ?

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