I have 3 servers all running SQL 2K. I need to move data <BR>between all<BR>three servers. I one stored procedure that calls several <BR>other stored<BR>procedures that do INSERT ... SELECT statements between <BR>the servers. Server1 and Server3(remote server) are setup as linked <BR>servers on Server2.<BR><BR>I have verified that MSDTC is running on all 3 servers and <BR>even restarted the service to make sure it was running. I <BR>am now to my wits end.<BR><BR>Could it be a configuration issue with MSDTC on the remote server?<BR><BR>I should mention that everything works just fine with Server3 being a test server we have here on the network. It only breaks when we do change server 3 as linking to the remote server.<BR><BR>Server 2 Stored Procedure:<BR>DECLARE @error_code int<BR><BR>SET XACT_ABORT ON<BR><BR>BEGIN DISTRIBUTED TRANSACTION<BR><BR>exec Server1.database.dbo.proc_UpdateData<BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>exec proc_UpdateOtherData <BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>exec proc_MoveDataServer1toServer3<BR>--Server3 is remote <BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>exec proc_MoveOtherDatafromServer1toServer3<BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>exec proc_ISM_exec proc_MoveDatafromServer1toServer2<BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>exec proc_ISM_DeleteDataonServer1<BR>SELECT @error_code = @@ERROR<BR><BR>-- Test the error values.<BR>IF @error_code = 0 <BR> BEGIN<BR> -- Success. Commit the transaction.<BR> COMMIT TRANSACTION<BR> END<BR>ELSE<BR> BEGIN<BR> -- An error occurred<BR> --Roll back the transaction.<BR> ROLLBACK TRANSACTION<BR> END<BR><BR>Ther error occurs when it hits step exec<BR>proc_MoveDataServer1toServer3:<BR><BR>The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB <BR>provider<BR>&#039;SQLOLEDB&#039; was unable to begin a distributed transaction.<BR>[OLE/DB provider returned message: New transaction cannot <BR>enlist in<BR>the specified transaction coordinator. ]<BR><BR>HELP!!!<BR><BR>Melissa<BR>