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    Thanks for your help on this previous thread, guys:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I figured out that the problem was that I wasn&#039;t using the enum values, but instead, the values defined in the file.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve read many descriptions of these values, but I&#039;m still unclear as to what function they serve. To clear this up a bit, my new question is this:<BR><BR>What CursorType and LockType should I use when...<BR><BR>1) retrieving records<BR>2) adding records<BR>3) updating records<BR>4) deleting records<BR><BR>..and are there other *Type(s) that I should use when manipulating recordsets.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Steve<BR><BR><BR >

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    Default ADO 2.0 Programmers Reference

    By Wrox Press is a fantastic book and has a portion of a chapter dedicated to the usage of CursorTypes and LockTypes.<BR><BR>Excellent book.<BR><BR>-Doug

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