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    Sorry about reposting - no one answered before..<BR><BR>I get a few overseas people subscribing to my newsletter whose email address contain accents, umlauts, etc. <BR><BR>When I use ASPEmail to send out my letter my script fails each time it hits such an address and I have to remove the wretched thing from my database using a sharp needle and a pair of tweezers. <BR><BR>Any better solutions?

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    Default It's ok... least you said you reposted :)<BR><BR>I would guess that email addresses with accented characters (or characters outside the [a-zA-Z.-] range) would not be viable email addresses.<BR><BR>Personally, I would tell them that you can only accept emails with those characters, and stop them entering them. Otherwise, you could try and parse out the accented characters and see if the ISP has different accounts (all accented "e" characters are changed to normal "e" before send)... That might work. Probably not, however.<BR><BR>Basically, just employ some validation when they subscribe.<BR><BR>Craig.

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