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    Hellow all,<BR>I am stuck here while making www.offersforyou.com<BR>(Check it out !)<BR>DataBase : MS-Access 97<BR>On the home page, I want to list out all main categories from Categories table.My classified offers lie in Classified table.<BR>I have to list out all categories even if there are no offers for it.I mean if some category has no offer,in bracket it should show (0).<BR><BR>To achieve the count for all categoies, I create a query which has a relationship Cat_Code common in both the tables.Then I am counting the number of each category.So I know the total no of offers in that.<BR><BR>But this doesnt include those categories which are not there in classified table.So categories having no offers are not coming into picture.<BR><BR>Can anybody tell me how to get the count of all categories from <BR>Classified table..??<BR><BR>Please,<BR>Rushi@emqube.com<BR>

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    Make sure you do a Left Join to Classifieds, so even when the right hand table Categories has no records, the Left hand table still returns records.

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