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    Default Thanks - AK, need your suggestion on..

    regarding my yesterday&#039;s posting. Show redcheckboxes next to input boxes if left blank....<BR><BR>It works fine. I&#039;ve assinged action in the same page. However if I were to redirect the page to someotherpage. Then I&#039;ll have to pass name/value pair with filename form3.asp?name=&name etc..<BR><BR>I can&#039;t do that as there are 12 input boxes. Session variable are strongly prohibited by Gurus(I avoid using those).<BR><BR>Now my question is if I were needed to redirect to another page which method would be best to use to pass name/value.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch!<BR>

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    Default well then you cant redirect....

    do it on the same page....or send the content to the browser and then save in hidden fields and then immediately submit the page to the next page....<BR><BR>sorry but this is the only thing i can think of rt now.<BR><BR>

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