How to upload file from client (browser) to server

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Thread: How to upload file from client (browser) to server

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    Freddy Poon Guest

    Default How to upload file from client (browser) to server

    Hi,<BR>Does anyone have a sample of upload file from browser to server?<BR>Assume that I have create a folder in server which enable files write .<BR><BR>Sorry abt my english . <BR><BR>Freddy

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    Travis White Guest

    Default RE: How to upload file from client (browser) to se

    ASP is server-side only, thus the file needs to be pushed from the client page. One way is to use the HTML &#060;input type="file" tag, but you need a custom object on the server to receive it, ref<BR><BR>The other way is to read the file at the client (Javascript/VBScript) using something like the Scripting.FileSystemObject. Then send the results either to a server object (via RDS) or as the contents of a form input component such as a text box.<BR><BR>Hope this helps. If you find an easier way, please tell me<BR><BR><BR>

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    Freddy Poon Guest

    Default Greedy request ..upload file from client to server

    Dear Travis White,<BR><BR>I hv read your solution , it&#039s nice , thks . My friend found another similar solution, will email to you separately .<BR><BR>Now I need something more greedy. Does any solution support multi files upload ? Eg . upload "c:*.txt" to server . <BR><BR>Freddy Poon

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