I am trying to set up an Intranet, which serves ASP over an NT Network. I have managed to set the server up to serve HTML pages and it even displays the first ASP page I give it, but when I click on a button, contained in the first page (default.asp), it comes up with the download dialog box. Is this anything to do with MIME types? I have changed the registry to say:<BR><BR>.asp -&#062; Default "aspfile"<BR> Content Type "application/x-asap,asp,,5"<BR><BR>and this didnt seem to do anything as even the first page wouldn&#039;t load! Ive also tried every combination of setting in IIS, and its getting me nowhere. Is there anything I can do or any documents I can look at that will explain what I need to do to get ASP working?<BR><BR>If you could help, it would be much appreciated.