HREF Link in "table" view record set?

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Thread: HREF Link in "table" view record set?

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    Default HREF Link in "table" view record set?

    Basic Access app, ASP Pages, table displays "customer" names. It there a way I can make the customer name a "link" to a form to edit/update customer info? I already have the form on a different page, I simply don&#039;t know how to send the "customer" name variable from the HREF? Then, when the form is called, will it have that customers records in it? Maybe "order" by this variable? I figured out how to make it a link, but what asp page does it "call"? Rookie here, sorry. Anyideas?<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default Pass it as a QS`

    &#060;a href=PageName.asp?CustId=&#060;%=TheId%&#062;....& #062;<BR><BR>then on the page you send this data to request.querystring("CustId") will have to id of the use this id and select the date from the db and display.<BR><BR>now you asked for name but i said id cause i would be better to pass the shocking as this might be, more than ONE customer CAN have the same name :)<BR><BR>

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