Everyone seems to know it can be done, but there are no examples of it:<BR>Compiling and ASMX web service on the fly, by calling it from an ASPX page. Here&#039;s the example web service:<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;%@ WebService Language="VB" Class="HelloWorld" %&#062;<BR><BR>Imports System<BR>Imports System.Web.Services<BR><BR>&#060;WebService(Namesp ace:="http://www.aspmessageboard.com")&#062;Public Class HelloWorld :Inherits WebService<BR><BR> &#060;WebMethod()&#062; Public Function SayHelloWorld() As String<BR> Return("Hello World")<BR> End Function<BR><BR>End Class<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------<BR>The challenge is calling it from an other .aspx page, and compiling on the fly when it is called from the .aspx, the issue here is not using VS.NET or WSDL or any kind of compiler. What would the aspx code look like? VB or C#<BR><BR>Thanks for the help