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    1) How can I delete a record while a session is ended. The key of the table is Session.SessionID. I tried to retrieve the SessionID under Global.asa (either by Session.SessionID or set it to cookie) but it seemed that I couldn&#039;t retrieve it correctly.<BR><BR>2) If I use this for loop (for each Cookie in Request.Cookies) to clear the cookies I created, will I clear the cookies that created by the other websites?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    bad News for you!<BR><BR>See http://www.haneng.com/lessons_19.asp<BR><BR>The Application_OnEnd must work and we can use that event to do the task you have mentioned. But I am with haneng that I have also seen none who said that it works anyway. <BR><BR><BR>About Cookies, well, it depends upon your code. Just check if the cookie is your or not ...by name , by subkeys...anyway.<BR>If you don&#039;t implement the &#039;check&#039;, you&#039;ll definately lose all.<BR><BR>

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    1) You can put code in the Session_OnEnd, but keep in mind that it&#039;s buggy -- it isn&#039;t always called.<BR><BR>2) No, you will only clear the cookies that your site created. You can&#039;t read or change cookies from other sites.<BR><BR>-Doug

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