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    I&#039;ve asked this question before, but I want to add a challenge to it and see if there are any other folks that want to respond:<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to create a graphic on the fly based on a piece of HTML code. For example, if the entire content of the file looked like this:<BR><BR>&#060;div style="position:absolute; width:492px; height:94px; background-color: #CC0033;"&#062;<BR>Hello!!!!!!!!!<BR>&#060;/div&#062;<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I would produce a 492x94 graphic that would appear in the same way that the above code would appear in a browser? Confusing? Let me know...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris

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    Default Start by scripting MSIE...

    You&#039;d have to figure out how to invoke the browser as an ActiveX object. Load the HTML into the pseudo-browser. Capture the screen image (probably another ActiveX component).<BR><BR>Short of that: Write your own pseudo-browser that draws images into memory instead of onto the screen.<BR><BR>

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