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    My ASP code contains a lot of execute(variable).<BR>But when i try to convert to dll using ASP2DLL program, it is hass compiling due to those execute method. FOr example<BR><BR>mem="temp=" & str<BR>execute(mem)<BR><BR>Or do I have to change them to mem.execute ?<BR><BR>Hope anyone can understand what i meant.

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    Why?!<BR><BR>Why are you using Server.Execute anyway? There MUST be a better way to do what you are attempting. Arrays, collections, something!<BR><BR>As for the ASP2DLL program, I&#039;ve never heard of it. Wouldn&#039;t trust a program which attempted to take an ASP page and convert it to VB, and then compile it. Sounds like you don&#039;t have the expertise to actually do the DLL yourself - which sounds like a disaster for the future.<BR><BR>Craig.

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