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    I asked a question earlier about seeing other file with the list directory on another server, So I mapped the drive and I still get the error that the path is not found. What am I missing or can I even do this. thank you for your time.

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    i haven&#039;t tried this, but i&#039;m sure that mapping a drive WON&#039;T work. here&#039;s why:<BR><BR>when you logged in to the server and mapped a drive, that connection was stored under your user profile. IIS runs under an impersonated user, usually IUSR_MachineName. since it&#039;s running under a different account, it doesn&#039;t have permissions to your mapped drive. anyways, by default, IUSR does not have permissions to interact with the desktop, so even if the permissions were right, it still couldn&#039;t read your mapped drive.<BR><BR>one of the downsides with running IIS under the default account is that you can&#039;t grant it permissions to other servers. to get around this, run IIS under a domain-level account. then you can give it permissions on whatever servers you like. however, doing this will likely bring up other security concerns.

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