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    I have an app that checks if a user is logged in and redirects them to the log in screen if not. Then when they log in, I want to redirect them to the original page they were trying to access. I though HTTP_REFERER would do it however it will only give me the URL of the page the original request came from (i.e. 2 pages ago). <BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Rob

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    If it is your Session_OnStart that redirects the user, you can try SCRIPT_NAME.<BR><BR><BR>Hope it helps<BR>

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    Might be easier just to use a querystring. The referer can mess up because it&#039s a browser thing, and SCRIPT_NAME will give you the name of the log-in script? Just add the querystring of SCRIPT_NAME or PATH_INFO to the Response.Redirect command you use to send them to the log-in screen. Then send them back!

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