Can ASP effect search engine spidering/ranking?

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Thread: Can ASP effect search engine spidering/ranking?

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    Default Can ASP effect search engine spidering/ranking?

    I wrote this before, but never received a reply.<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone knew whether using an ASP page for your main doorway would make the page "un-spiderable" or hinder the way it gets ranked in any way.<BR><BR>This is a question that&#039;s loomed since a site I formerly worked on got no where in postioning (ASP), but the site I currently work on does (and we use an HTML doorway).<BR><BR>Was it just dumb luck (or un-luck)? :o

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    Default Not AFAIK

    If your page is dynamic then you have an issue cause a spider will not know what to crawl....the only thing it can do i "follow" if you have a page which does not link to anywhere the spider will not know where to go and will crawl that page and then...un leave.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Can ASP effect search engine spidering/ranking

    I have looked into this a fair amount and it appears that a number of search engines will not index pages with such things as a "?" in the querystring.<BR><BR>Therefore, if you are creating a page for each product in your site, such as product.asp?prod_id=76 each of these products will not be indexed.<BR><BR>I have seen a compent that works around this by converting your querstring into a sort of directory structure, using only "/" rather than "&" and "?". I don&#039;t have the URL of the company on this machine, but if you are interested reply to this and I will post the URL in the morning.<BR><BR>I was very suprised at how little mention there is of this problem with ASP on the web.<BR><BR>Take it easy,<BR>Ross

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