I have been revising my code to eliminate the use of <BR>RegExp for values like $1, LeftContext, etc., since it was <BR>pointed out that these don&#039;t work with JS.Net in the fast <BR>mode. <BR><BR>Previously I would use myString.search(/reg exp/) with <BR>parens to capture the values of interest, if they occur. <BR><BR>For example the following will work with js 5.5 and with <BR>js.net:<BR><BR>if (param.search(/&#124s*phrases*=s*([a-zA-Z_0-9$]+)<BR>s*&#124/) &#062;= 0) { etc. using the parens to capture the <BR>phrase value if it exists.}<BR><BR>Of course, with .net, the search works but the $1 is not <BR>available. (No RegExp properties in the fast mode).<BR><BR>When I use this same string with .exec I have problems <BR>with both the &#124 and the s* with finding a match.<BR><BR>If I have blanks in the expression, eg, phrase = Echo_Ao, <BR>then I will not find a match, while phrase=Echo_Ao works <BR>fine. With 5.5, (Perl!), and .Net with search, the blanks <BR>are ok, but not with exec. <BR><BR>Can you confirm that this is correct? Also, in the past <BR>when .exec did not find any value, you could check this <BR>with null. This does not seem to work either -- it <BR>compiles but is not always correct -- This may be caused <BR>by the above feature. <BR><BR>Thank you for your help, <BR><BR>Phil <BR><BR><BR>.<BR>