Im trying to modify a part of the TextBox control. I konw which method I need to change and want to create a "TextBox2" class that inherits all its functions and properties from TextBox. So I did this:<BR><BR>public class TextBox2: TextBox {<BR><BR> protected override void theMethodIWantToOverwrite() {<BR> //the new code<BR> }<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>The problem is that it doesn&#039;t recognize the existing properties (e.g. TextBox.Text) and methods of the TextBox object. I realize i can use this sort of syntax:<BR><BR>public SomeMethod() : base() {}<BR><BR>but that would mean i need to do that for all methods and properties of the base class. why doesn&#039;t it just automatically inherit everything i don&#039;t overwrite? is that something i need to specify? and if so, how?<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>- Christian<BR>