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    Several issues here - either I&#039;ve just learned something new or the server is going awry, which is it?<BR><BR>1) principal lay-out<BR><BR>ROOT<BR>&#124<BR>ASP-site 1<BR>&#124 - global.asa 1<BR>ASP-site 2<BR> - global.asa 2<BR><BR>Application-level variables are visible to BOTH. I thought they should be visible &#039;per application&#039;. Now, a variable set in ASP-site 1 is visible in ASP-site 2. Had the variables set in either of the sites had the same names, chaos would ensue! Is this hunky-dory and as it should!?<BR><BR>2)<BR>Having problems with the global.asa&#039;s Session_OnEnd-event not seeming to fire properly. The global.asa is read alright, only the Session_OnEnd in it seems erratic. I&#039;m not an administrative expert but know a server may be configured apropos how to treat the global.asa files. I would much appreciate a SERVER ADMINISTRATOR&#039;S POINT OF VIEW on this one. Probable causes, anyone?<BR><BR>3)<BR>On questions on this subject, it very common to receive replies stating the opinion that global.asa (and it&#039;s routines) is simply UNRELIABLE. If this is a common view, WHICH ARE THE SUBSTITUTES? Can I create, programmatically, something delivering the same &#039;services&#039; as the global.asa is supposed to deliver - viz: programmatically capture the sought-after events, AppOnStart/OnEnd, SessOnStart/OnEnd etc. These kinds of events are VITAL for crying out loud!<BR><BR>phew & regards /lumen

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    Default You need to adjust your IIS settings...

    If each website root is stand alone in IIS, this doesn&#039;t happen. If you&#039;ve created the sites as virtual roots, then you have to adjust the application settings in IIS to have it process the right one.<BR><BR>Session_OnEnd never acts as you would expect. You expect<BR>it to fire when the browser closes. This not always true.<BR>It only fires when the session on the server ends. I don&#039;t<BR>personally put anything reliable in it. But, I&#039;ve heard<BR>from some that defining a session variable in the _OnStart and then setting the same session variable equal to an empty string in the _onEnd provides more consistent results in getting the event to fire.<BR><BR>The global.asa works rather well aside from the _onEnd event...

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