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    Default Date Conversion in Access

    I'm using Access and need to know what SQL statement converts the date format, 11/01/00 to display as 01 Nov 2000. Thanks!

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    Default conversion in VBScript

    Assuming you mean to display the data via ASP code, you should *probably* do it in VBScript code.<BR><BR>DateTime values are stored in Access in an internal format, which just happens to be the same format used by VBScript. SO the transfer of DateTime data from database to OLE DB to ADO to VBS is actually reasonably efficient. <BR><BR>Then formatting the date in VBS code is pretty simple. If FormatDateTime won&#039;t do the job for you, consider the Year, Month, Day, and MonthName functions.<BR><BR>Having said all that...If you *really* think you need to do this in Access, you *might* get this to work:<BR><BR>SELECT Right(&#039;0&#039;&Day(field),2) & " " & MonthName(Month(field),true) & " " & Year(field), ....<BR><BR>Untested, especially the MonthName function.

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