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    a request for opinions:<BR><BR>A couple queries run 5 secs on my isolated Development box (700mhz Athlon - running all my stuff Interdev, SQL, etc) On my host shared SQL box (200 or so DBs) the same queries can take from 1 min 53 secs to almost 3 mins.<BR><BR>This seems insanely excesive. I have no control over the maintenance of the Host SQL Box. Can anyone relay experience with query comparisons? I expected the query to take longer on the host box but a 2000% + increase?<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Check Indexes...

    Fatty Killed me with a champagne bottle and died a broke man...<BR><BR>He...He...<BR><BR>Seriously...Make sure you have indexes that same on both boxes...Also make sure the index matches the first field in the where clause or sql will not use...<BR><BR>Kinda sounds like the index is not set on the production and sql is doing a table scan...Which is what sql reverts to if it can&#039;t find the appropriate index to use...<BR><BR>Other than that, I&#039;d be at a loss also...<BR><BR>I personally have never seen or heard that much of an increase...<BR><BR>Usually because server bigger/faster, the opposite is true...<BR><BR>KLC

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