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    G. Jonardi Guest

    Default Creating non-scrolling table headers

    Any suggestions on how to create non-scrolling table headers using ASP? I can imagine doing it using frames ( one for the header and one for the data ), but how do I force the column widths to be the same on each frame? Obviously, I want the header and data to line up with each other. Generating the entire table in the header frame ( and hiding the table data ) seems like a very inefficient way to accomplish this. I also prefer to have the browser determine the column widths rather than forcing the width through html tags. Any suggestions?

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    If you know your clients will be using IE to view your app, you can use DHTML and have a "floating" table header that stays put while the rest of the table scrolls. I haven&#039t written this, but I have seen someone else write it before.<BR><BR>-Brad Kingsley, MCP - NT, IIS4<BR>Reliable Windows NT Web Hosting<BR>ORCS Web, Inc -<BR>

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