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    After some confusion, I found out the hard way that I cannot &#060;LINK&#062; my style sheets to a page protected by a SSL.<BR><BR>Is there a way around this?<BR><BR>I know I can use an include, but I don&#039;t really want 30 lines of CSS showing in my code.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default You cannot... to either a stylesheet OUTSIDE a SSL, if you are inside an SSL-encoded area. Likewise, you can&#039;t do the opposite (link to an SSL-encoded stylesheet from a non-SSL page).<BR><BR>However, if the SSL sections are on the same server (as I guess they are, because you mention using a SSI), why not just do a &#060;LINK&#062; to a file, relative to the root of the web site. That way, if the user is at, or at, they still get linked to /styles/stylesheet.css.<BR><BR>Craig.

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