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    We have to develop an ERP software.We wanted to know whether we should develop it in ASP or VB<BR>Can anyone tell me from their experience what are the advantages or disadvantages in developing in ASP over VB specially with security issues.

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    Default I think the question you really want

    to ask is whether you should develop it as a web based application or a &#039;traditional&#039; client/server application.<BR><BR>Forget ASP(vbscript,jscript, etc),VB, or anything else for the moment. Don&#039;t think about the technology until you&#039;ve decided what you want your ERP software to do and who is it for and a whole bunch of other questions. <BR><BR>Have you defined what &#039;ERP software&#039; means to you? Are you developing this software to sell as &#039;third-party&#039; software? Are you developing for your use within your own company? How many users will you have? And so on?<BR><BR>You get the idea.<BR><BR>Please don&#039;t take this the wrong way, however the way you asked that question I really question whether you have the expertise to successfully develop this software. What I mean is that you should probably seek the services and advice of experienced developers inside your company. If they are not available, I strongly suggest looking outside for those services.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete<BR><BR>

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