Hi all.<BR>How can I share only one SqlConnection between one aspx page and several usercontrols ( ascx files ) ?<BR>I make sth like in personalized portal ( quickstart examples ). I added to UserState class simple function:<BR><BR>public SqlConnection Conn{get{<BR> if(conn==null)<BR> conn = new SqlConnection("....");<BR> return conn;<BR>}<BR>}<BR><BR>Now, when I run Sql Profiler I see, that each aspx page makes 2 logins . I thing that 1 is for Page and second is for UserContols? This isn&#039;t good for my app because I have a counter and each request makes two inserts into database! and performance issue....<BR><BR>Can someone help me or check that this example really works that I described?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.