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Thread: enablesessionstate=false

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    john doe Guest

    Default enablesessionstate=false

    any one can explain me easly wht does it means?!<BR>wht the diff&#039?! false/true...<BR>is it fasten the page?!<BR>and maybe the other thing i ran into:<BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062; <BR><BR>thank you..<BR>bye bye

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    Mark Molenaar Guest

    Default RE: enablesessionstate=false

    Hi,<BR>The enablesessionstate=false makes sure that no session-variables can be used. If don&#039t plan to use them (and who really wants to) you can include this line. I think it does speeden up the processing of the page.<BR>The response.buffer=true is actually quite handy. It buffers the page completely before sending, so the chance of errors is smaller.<BR><BR>Mark.

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