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    Hi <BR>i have to create a online conference room booking using asp as the front end & the details of the same to be stored in to the database (Ms Access/SQL Server), so that everytime the user wants to book hes made known of the booked slots & can book the free slots..for which it shld display all days of the week with half an hour slots.<BR>can u please suggest me as to how do i go abt designing the database & make my prgm work..<BR><BR>

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    The posting guideline for this forum:<BR>What is advanced?:<BR><BR>(1) It isn&#039;t answered in any of the ASPFAQs.<BR>(2) It isn&#039;t obvious from reading the ASP reference materials available <BR>online. (ASP, ADO, VBScript, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and TSQL manuals)<BR>(3) It is one that somebody with a reasonable amount of experience *might* <BR>not know off the top of his/her head. <BR>This question and solution are pretty easy and should be to anyone with some experience. You should start with some of the articles here on 4guys about database & application design. Post specific technical questions, starting in the non-Advanced forum.<BR>

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